Quick Link Building Tips

Since link building is a great website submission technique, these tips should help you achieve good backlinks.

  • Guest blog. This is a popular way to have authority, high quality links. It also provides room for developing credibility and relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Find blogs with relevant topics as your and contact their owners. Websites like MyBlogGuest is a destination for bloggers looking for guest posts.
  • Press releases and article directory submission. While these are some of the oldest link building techniques, press releases, and article submission are still effective ways to get organic links. Don’t forget to emphasize high quality. If your articles are relevant, useful and interesting, there are higher chances of other bloggers linking to your website.
  • Make the most out of social networking. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks can increase your site’s exposure. If you catch other users’ attention, your Web traffic and linking potentials are increased all the more.
  • Create potentially viral content. Examples of viral content include handy, interesting lists. Almost everyone loves lists. Come up with useful topics like “Top 50 dofollow blogs” or something humorous like “20 Funny Photos.”


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56 Responses to Quick Link Building Tips

  1. Some good ideas here – one we’ll be looking to use over the next while is guest bloggers, getting those with industry knowledge to talk about brewing in Australia.

  2. Link building takes so much time. I’m about to try a few services but there are so many and vary in price. What do I need to look for in regards to a service (i.e. follow vs no-follow, ping services, etc…)?

  3. I started doing a Guest Blogger feature once a week. I thought it would add other voices to my blog, make it more interactive, and help build traffc in the long run.

    I start with an intro to their piece, ending with when and where it was first published and indicating that it is being republished with their permission. I include a backlink to their blog. When possible I include a picture of them.

    I conclude with a comment on how we know each other and a very brief bio of them and another back link.

    I don’t know if it has had much impact on traffic, but it has definitely livened up my blog and added a lot of variety. And the feedback has been very positive.

  4. Nice tips on link building. But I think its not MyBlogQuest It should be MyBlogGuest. Ignore me if you were right.

  5. V festival says:

    Viral Content is a good idea..I stuck with this just data entry type strategies. Thanks

  6. Link building does take time, but it is well worth the effort!

  7. harry32 says:

    What is the best (easy, low cost and effective) way to create backlinks. Although the site linking to yours is important, pay close attention to the actual page. Is the linking page relevant to your linked site page?

  8. JOCURI says:

    I mostly agree with you, but regarding Facebook and others…i don’t think it helps and I say that from my personal experience. As long as they have nofollow, these social networks won’t help you at all. People give you Like and that’s about it…

  9. warren says:

    link building is receiving a vote or recommendations from trusted sites in order to reach the google page rankings. Thank you for sharing your post.

  10. email lists says:

    I would like to have seen more link building tips here. It seems like a wasted effort.
    One additional tip is to write articles relevant to your field of practice. Then submit these articles to article directories. When others publish your article, you will gain many links quickly!

  11. Portalio says:

    very good ideea …tks for sharing them…

  12. I agree with the above poster. The article seems a bit short and lacks in originality. They are the same few linking methods that have been regurgitated for years.

    The best linking method is a mutual link between webmasters of like-minded sites. Sadly most site owners never even respond to a linking request, and usually treat the email request as an intrusional spam.

    • matt says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      Yes a mutual link between webmasters is best, keeping in mind a 3 or 4 way link campaign is of higher value to the sites.

      As a site owner I receive many link requests each day, the problem is they’re often automated requests and the sites requesting the links have little to noting in common with our websites.

  13. Amber says:

    This has some great points to it. I have found out that backlink take time but are worth the effort put in.

  14. snoopy055 says:

    I agree with “email lists” article give you many back links from others using your article. I have a PR3 mostly due to the articles I have submitted to just 2 article directories. Thanks for the info here.

  15. Safrostore says:

    Thank you for your tips !

  16. A content that goes viral can also be called a link bait. Link baiting has always been the foundation of great SEO link building strategy, making people share your post or mention it on twitter or like it on facebook or even blog about it makes it viral.

  17. This is awesome ,thank you for this informative tips, i can do stabe link building now! =)



  18. Silver says:

    As a site owner I receive many link requests each day, the problem is they’re often automated requests and the sites requesting the links have little to noting in common with our websites.

  19. Roy Potter says:

    Creating Squidoo lenses, submitting artiles in hubpages is also a good link building strategy.

  20. hi
    i am a seo analyst from US, its very useful to promote my client sites, keep update about seo tips,

    Thank you,

  21. Sachin says:

    Great tips, I read somewhere that Google is started focusing about social network and how many people share your site on social network sites. Launch of +1 button is a part of that strategy. Guest blogging is more effective way to get a free, quality backlink and Bing gives importance to such content surrounded anchor text links. Thanks for sharing though.

  22. Thank you for your tips !

  23. Great tips! I am learning as well that Article directories are gold, as well as Podcasts/RSS Feeds.


  24. demotywatory says:

    You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  25. good tips but i need to get on the top of Alexa

  26. Licia says:

    Thanks for sharing the most important news with us. I tried to add My Blog.

  27. Evie Seifu says:

    Thanks for the great tips…though have heard of the ones in the article..some of the comments contain great insight and reminders of what really works.

  28. Nice Article you have, i am planning to write the same topic, thanks, keep posting

  29. Really nice article i was not doing blog commenting but after reading this article i have plan to work on blog commenting.
    And other things are also interesting for seo process.


  30. Hui Yan says:

    Good information, thank you!

  31. autocar says:

    thank you for helped .

  32. Very much appeciated for the great tips you offer. Keep up the good work.

  33. Thanks alot for this great sharing.

  34. Gourav says:

    Thanks alot for Visit this Website

  35. bestfriv says:

    Guest blog. This is a popular way to have authority, high quality links. quick building fatest link but “nofollow”.

  36. I like your all tips regarding the creation of chain in making to build links for our own website.

  37. These post is really informational, guest blog article is helpful for me, I will of course follow the instruction to improve my web traffic.

  38. Nice post and useful for everyone who is related to SEO..

  39. Seo Company says:

    As per my point of view these 5 Link Building Tips Which will Increase your Google Page Rank

    1. Concentrate on permanent links
    2. Create links from high Page Rank sites
    3. Concentrate on relevant links
    4. Avoid no follow links
    5. Concentrate on do follow links

  40. Thanks for the help regarding Quick Link Building Tips. Link to posts on other blogs. If you have a catchy title, people who read the trackbacks will click to your blog.

  41. Having good content will also attract inbound links. When commenting on blogs or leaving feedback its always good to contibute something worthwhile. Often I see people spamming blog comment sections that ruin it, these spam comments should be moderated. Also in forums spammers bumping the thread to say something like Nice Site !

  42. It’s very easy to hit a wall with link building. You just have to keep going and finding new ways to create more links.

  43. never the less link building activities takes long time but it is one of the most powerful tool to achieve good rankings, so one should considered it and there is no shortcut to achieve fast results and also not the quantity but quality stands out…

    Great post…..

  44. waxing says:

    yes u r right.high quality links is most important.but we must follow a google panda rules.

  45. Haan says:

    It seems like the penguin update has changed the value of these links

  46. Thanks for the great link building tips. Are no follow blog links good to have?

  47. Asher Elran says:

    Social media right now is one of the best way to build links that will have almost immediate effect on search engine ranking.

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