Quick Link Building Tips

Since link building is a great website submission technique, these tips should help you achieve good backlinks.

  • Guest blog. This is a popular way to have authority, high quality links. It also provides room for developing credibility and relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Find blogs with relevant topics as your and contact their owners. Websites like MyBlogGuest is a destination for bloggers looking for guest posts.
  • Press releases and article directory submission. While these are some of the oldest link building techniques, press releases, and article submission are still effective ways to get organic links. Don’t forget to emphasize high quality. If your articles are relevant, useful and interesting, there are higher chances of other bloggers linking to your website.
  • Make the most out of social networking. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks can increase your site’s exposure. If you catch other users’ attention, your Web traffic and linking potentials are increased all the more.
  • Create potentially viral content. Examples of viral content include handy, interesting lists. Almost everyone loves lists. Come up with useful topics like “Top 50 dofollow blogs” or something humorous like “20 Funny Photos.”


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