Why you Should Submit Your Website to Search Engines

Submitting your website to search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, is the first step to website promotion. Search engines are the first tools that Internet users utilize when making an online search for just about anything. So, it only makes sense to perform search engine submission so that your site will show in the search results.

Once you have a well-developed site up and running, you can’t just expect visitors to flow in instantly. This article will discuss the importance and benefits of search engine submission.

Importance of Search Engine Traffic

First off, let’s look at why website traffic is so important. Website traffic refers to the amount of people that visit your site. It is your site’s lifeblood — your website’s success depends on it.

Website traffic is actually the key to having success in website promotion, whether you’re selling items or offering valuable advice over the Web. Having good traffic means that a significant number of Internet users are accessing information found on your site.

So what point is there to having what may be the best site on the Web if you didn’t have traffic?

Enter Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is the process that can get your site listed on search engine listings. Although it’s sometimes called search engine optimization, the two processes are totally different. Optimization is the whole method of improving a website’s ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs), while search engine submission is a website promotion strategy that lets your site be indexed and listed by search engines. Therefore, site submission is the initial step to getting search engine traffic.

Submitting Your Website

The most popular search engines on the Web are spider-based. This means that these search engines use a software program (called spiders or robots) that visit each and every website on the Internet, retrieve their content, and index them into the engines’ respective databases.

When users type in keywords into any of these search engines, the information in the database is analyzed and a list of websites that match the keywords is produced.

Before doing any search engine submission, it’s important to enhance your website’s “spiderability” so that the search engine spiders can easily navigate through your website and retrieve content. It’s also important for the spiders to crawl each of your webpages so that all parts of your site are indexed.

So does this mean that you don’t have to do anything once your website is completely developed since the spiders automatically take care of the search engine submission? Well, not exactly. There’s also a chance that the spiders won’t see your site because thousands of websites go live every day, making it hard for the spiders to become aware of newly registered URLs. For this reason, search engines have offered the option to do the search engine submission by submitting the URL directly to them.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing each have a dedicated search engine submission page for submitting a URL. All you have to do is enter your site’s URL and fill out the necessary fields. Upon submission, your website is then placed in a queue and after some time, indexed by spider.

Search Engine Submission and Optimization

Another way search engine submission can help in increasing search engine traffic is when your site has strong inbound and outbound links. When spiders crawl all over your website, they look at your hyperlinks and the information in the pages the hyperlinks point to. Moreover, when a search engine picks up a link that points to your website (called a backlink), your website can be indexed faster.

Thus, for faster search engine submission, build some backlinks to your website.

Search engine optimization has been an important method in creating backlinks to a website. It involves website promotion through link building, which is another topic that deserves its own post altogether.

Bottom line, if you want your website to appear in the search listings in a short period of time, a website with a good backlink base is what you need.

Paid Search Engine Submission

Although Google and Yahoo offer their search engine submission pages for free, they also have paid website submission programs that can guarantee quick indexing of your webpages.

In the case of Yahoo, you’ll be charged every time someone clicks on your website from the search results. So, in the event that you run out of funds, your rankings may go down. Nonetheless, even if you run out of money to pay Yahoo, your site, in all probability will have garnered a significant amount of backlinks, making the venture to quite worth the money expended.

As for Google, their paid search engine submission service is in the form of Google AdWords. Your website, which can appear in the listings quickly, is in ad form and would be located above or at the right side of the regular search results.

Just like Yahoo, Google charges a per-click fee on top of activation fee and other charges.

As you can probably tell by now, website promotion via search engine submission has so many benefits. Your site gets a lot of exposure and search engine traffic, thereby increasing your chances of getting more sales and customers.

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