YouTube Search Engine Optimization – Why YouTube Should be Included in Online Marketing

YouTube has gained popularity as a public video sharing website. It is easily the most convenient medium of sharing videos with your peers. However, this is not all that can be appreciated about YouTube. It is also an excellent medium for search engine optimization.
Every day, millions of people around the world log on to YouTube in search of videos that can provide their current need, be that entertainment or instructional and informational in nature. This made YouTube the second largest search engine online. This also gave birth to YouTube SEO.

Search Engine Optimization and YouTube

YouTube SEO is a more defined and centralized version of video SEO, a growing online marketing strategy that optimizes video posts to elevate a website’s search engine ranking. As more and more people randomly and purposefully search for videos, it simply makes sense to use this opportunity to advertise and promote products, services, and websites in places where it can get high traffic and exposure. As an alternative search engine,
YouTube has so much potential for linkbuilding and video SEO.

Linkbuilding Opportunities

The term “viral” isn’t used for popular YouTube videos for nothing; these videos are truly captivating, addictive, and provoke the reporter in us to repost and share them with our own friends.
When people repost a YouTube video on their own channels, Facebook and other social media sites, the title, description, and tags are automatically included unless deleted by the reposter.
YouTube also allows viewers to post their comments and video responses. This is an opportunity to post video links as responses and invite more viewers to view your own videos.
Video creators can further optimize video SEO and recommend a website at the end of the video for more information.
Now, aren’t all these very ideal for linkbuilding and search engine optimization?
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