The Social Key to Google’s New Algorithm

As you may have noticed by now, Google has been including social media in its search results since the past year. This caused the entire Internet to be abuzz with rumors and speculation. In December 2010, these rumors ceased when Google finally came out and said yes, they do use Facebook and Twitter as ranking signals.

Matt Cutts himself confirmed the usage of social signals in the search algorithms. In a video posted on Google’s YouTube channel, Cutts explained how social signals are utilized in the real-time search index.

In the video, Cutts also mentioned that the Internet search company is working on integrating social media further into search activities.

It only makes sense to use social networking platforms to your advantage. Besides, if your Twitter profile PageRank is high, the links you tweet will have a massive impact on the search activity related to that particular link. In turn, you will generate more clicks for your website or blog.

Similarly, when authority tweeters (i.e. famous Twitter users with hordes of followers) retweet your information, search engines place that information closer to the top search results so that other Internet users may see it. Bing, for one, has been considering the number of times a link has been retweeted. It won’t be long until Google does, too.

SEO People and Entrepreneurs, Listen Up!

When it comes to search engine optimization and Internet marketing, this only means one thing: be more social. More importantly, don’t just set up a Twitter account and tout products to no end. Be a real person on Twitter.

In all reality, most Internet users don’t really care about products and services. If you go on and on about whatever it is you’re selling, you’ll be marked as spammy.

Focus on that thing all humans need: connection. If done correctly, building relationships online will lead to a much better position in the world of social media.

While our big brother, Google, continues with this newly updated algorithm, take this time to develop social media strategies that will target your niche. While trying to figure out cutting-edge Twitter tactics, here are invaluable tips on how to efficiently utilize the social signals.

  • Connect with people who have the same interests. You ever notice how easy it is to like a person who has the same interests as you, even if that person is a stranger? This phenomenon happens in online communities, too. Interact with like-minded people and you’ll be able to establish camaraderie with other tweeters in your niche. Not only is this a good way to target a specific topic area, it’s also a fun way to socialize.
  • Build good relationships with high status Twitter users, even if it means cozying up with celebrities. If you do it naturally, you’ll sound more sincere, and won’t be branded as a spammer. Just stay friendly. It’s that simple. Before anything else, take a good look at the blogosphere and research on which tweeters have great content and a huge following. Famous tweeters often talk to people instead of just posting links like crazy.
  • Reply and retweet their stuff. This is to get their attention and to tell them you’re interested in what they have to say. When you’re in the minds of these authority tweeters, more chances for link building will come your way. At the same time, don’t be replying to or retweeting all their posts. You wouldn’t want to look like a stalker now, would you?

These tips should get you started with your social advertising campaign. The Web is increasingly becoming social, and search engines are changing their algorithm to keep up with the trend.

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