Some NeedMoreHits News

Hi all, we’ve all been working very hard here at NeedMoreHits over the last couple of weeks and we’ve now got some VERY exciting stuff to show for it.

What’s new you ask?

  1. NeedMoreHits Blog; on a regular basis we will be posting news, tips and feature releases here. Keeping you in the loop with the latest industry changes as well as sharing valuable tips on website promotion and how best to drive traffic to your website.
  2. SEO reports; each account that runs a submission via NeedMoreHits will receive access to our detailed SEO reports. Every report is based on the URL within your submission project. The reports include a search engine ranking report and a search engine view report, more information on these reports here.
  3. Last but certainly not least we’re excited to announce our new Google listing service. If you run a small business both on and offline you must take advantage of this new and exciting service. Our Google business team will optimize and list your local business within Google Local, Google Maps and Google Search. This is a MUST for any business owner!

Ok folks that’s enough from us if you have not done so already I suggest you create your free account and take advantage of these new and exciting web site promotion features.

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