Web Promotion with Alternative Search Engines

Your website is up and running and you have submitted information to the major search engines. Now you want more; scoring big on smaller search engines is a good way to obtain that “more” factor. Submit your website to multiple smaller ones like AOL, Ask.com, Lycos, AltaVista, Dobpile, 7Serach, AdBrite, Business.com and others. Chances are good that you will be able to reach more traffic at a lower cost than with the big boys. These smaller search engines are able to bring in a large enough amount of traffic that your rate becomes very affordable, lower than what you are paying for the major search engines.

Listing on many smaller search engines is free, but using paid listings can fit into your goals as well due to their lower cost and high traffic flow. Smaller, target rich search engines also are available by category. You can look up and find search engines that focus on your niche category and reach your target audience that way. Many category companies are available that include topical areas like business, recreation, real estate, education, entertainment, science, government, general, health, society, sports and more.

Don’t stop with local advertising on just the biggies like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Get into smaller search engines at lower costs to generate that important traffic flow going to your website. Promote while you advertise and reach local business customers at the same time. There are localized search engines in every region; use them to pinpoint and advertise to a target goal of gaining new customers in your area. Local advertising can be the cornerstone of your sales; local customers may trust and have a preference for using local businesses, and trust is always an issue that can benefit your promotion efforts.

When you decide to work with so-called second tier engine/networks, you can find a good quantity of traffic is available to you at low cost. And that is the desired goal of website promotion. Submission is simple; examine one relevant company called Slider Submission, at http://www.slider.com/free.html/ to see how easy free submission is done.

Submitting your website to the two or three major search engine companies is only the beginning. Next step is to look at the many, many smaller search engines to see where your local advertising will best fit. There are some companies that will do a mass submit process for you. Or, you can slowly go through the long lists and pick out the ones that seem to be a good fit for your niche or website topic. Either way, including the small guys is a best advertising practice that can bring you a good return on your investment.

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