Common SEO Mistakes

When it comes to search engine optimization, the mistakes you avoid may be as important as the tips you employ. The Web is filled with experts on the subject of SEO. To compete, you’ll be afforded little room for error. The good news is that even the pros make mistakes from time to time. The more work you put into your SEO strategy and the more mistakes you can take out of your plan, the better you will fare. Here are some of the most common errors and how you can put them behind you.

Going After The Wrong KeywordsThis is one of those mistakes that is made time and time again, primarily by those who are experts in one niche or another. The closer you are to a particular field, the more industry terms you become familiar with. However, if you spend all of your time researching your field and talking to others who work in the same industry, you may soon forget how the layman views your product. Instead of targeting obvious keywords, you start targeting industry-specific terms that may be utterly obscure outside of your world. Be careful to use the language of your customers.

Getting Obsessed With TrendsNewcomers to SEO almost always want to find out how to get their website to the top of the rankings yesterday. But here’s the secret: there is no secret. Like anything else worth pursuing, the road to successful search engine traffic is a tried and true one, filled with hard work and fundamental strategies. Does a fluke come along every now and then? Sure, but even then the success is rarely based on some fly-by-night trend (though it may spawn one). Focus your efforts on the strategies that have been proven to work over time and you’ll be much happier for it.

Failing To CapitalizeA link from a major website to one of your pages is a big deal. It is the holy grail of SEO and it is something you should always be searching for. But once you have it, is that the end game? For many webmasters, it is! What about all the ways you can take advantage of this situation; namely, making sure you have links going in and out of that page. This is how you can use that one golden link to improve your entire site.

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