Tracking Social Media Success

Social media sites provide a wealth of inexpensive advertising and branding tools to business leaders. From building free profiles on social networking sites to maintaining blogs, businesses can reach out to consumers in ways unimagined even a decade ago. Business leaders who incorporate social media strategies in their branding and advertising campaigns know that they’re taking advantage of valuable tools. However, many business leaders find themselves wondering if there is a way to measure the effectiveness of such tools.

Tracking social media success can be a tricky task. Popular tool Google Analytics now provides Social Reports, designed to give business leaders the low-down on how often their social media sites have been visited and shared. These new Google tools are powerful, but they only provide a partial picture of the success of Internet-based marketing campaigns. In order to get a grasp on the bigger picture, business leaders and marketing professionals have to climb into the social media trenches themselves. Pay attention to the following when assessing the success of your business’s social media campaign.

Increases or decreases in overall followers and active users. The major social media platform provides basic features that track how many active users a page has and whether that figure has changed over the past month. What these tools don’t track is the relationship between your social media campaigns and these numbers. You should keep an eye on follower activity when launching a new campaign. Did you notice a spike in followers? Did your campaign fail to create any buzz? Use this data as you craft future campaigns.

Proof of connection between online promotions and sales. Even the best statistics surrounding the use of social media sites can provide an incomplete picture of how well your advertising and branding campaigns are working. You can build-in a great success measure by offering your online followers a special discount when they shop online or in-store with a promo code. Track whether sales went up or down in connection with this promo code.

The quality of conversations on your social profiles. This is probably the most important measure of your social media success. What are your followers saying? Are they actively engaged with your social media profiles, tweets and videos? Gauging the overall tone of conversation on your social media profiles will require that you sit down and read what people are saying. Try to do so on a weekly basis. Remember that interacting with consumers and building relationships are invaluable to your branding and advertising campaigns.

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