Free Advice From Facebook: Using Facebook Analytics to Help Your Business

Those who are reaching out to users through Facebook receive an email every week detailing some the statistics of how their page performed during the past week. Few, however, click on the link. The free analysis provides some valuable insight and can lead to great ideas about how to better utilize the business page. Here are five of the insights that those in charge of a company’s Facebook page should take note of.

1) The age and gender of who liked the page
Basic demographic information is necessary to better tune who the page is targeting. Online marketing is revealing that social media users do not conform to the gender stereotypes of the past, and those who run a company’s Facebook page may be surprised about what age groups are accessing the page. Businesses can use this data to explore new possibilities for future growth.

2) The location of those who liked the page
The Internet is making business a global practice. English has become the de facto language of the Internet, and many who do not speak English natively know enough of the language to find companies online. Businesses who can target customers with local products can use this data to help reach markets they have not considered in the past.

3) What posts drive traffic and engage users
Boredom is the most feared label that can be applied to a Facebook company page. By finding out what posts attracted the most attention and drove the most traffic, businesses can tune their future postings to recapture and sustain this attention. Carving out an identity for a Facebook page is crucial to its future popularity, and this data can help a business find the right niche to target going forward.

4) What part of the page generates the most likes
Facebook pages are actually fairly complicated. They contain a news feed, a main page and are often linked to from the company’s website. Facebook analytical data shares where the likes came from. If most likes came from the news feed, businesses may want to post more news stories. If they came from the main page, more content might be a wise idea. If they came from the website, it might be worth examining if more needs to be done on the Facebook page.

5) How many followers unliked the page
Users like pages on a regular basis; it takes something out of the ordinary for more than a small fraction of users to unlike a page. Businesses are often oblivious of activities they have done that drive users away, and this data can help businesses find out when they are alienating customers before it is too late to recover.

Social media continues to dominate the growth of the Internet, and traditional barriers are breaking down as those in older demographics are finding Facebook to be a valuable tool for connecting with family and friends. Businesses have a responsibility to take advantage of this growth and turn it into new interest.

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