Tips For an Effective RSS Feed

One of the more effective marketing techniques that will allow you to establish rapport with your target audience is RSS feeds. Short for really simple syndication, RSS feeds revolve around offering individuals a way to conveniently stay updated with the latest posts from a website or blog. Basically, a feed is an easy way for people to aggregate content in one location rather than having to visit multiple websites. Let’s now go over some benefits of RSS feeds for small to medium sized marketers and how to get the most out of them.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this marketing technique is the highly targeted traffic you will usually receive. Since a person must subscribe to your feed, you can be assured that every person reading your content has a genuine interest and will be open to buying any products or services you offer. In the event that a person is no longer interested, he can simply unsubscribe and it shouldn’t lead to any sort of resentment. This means that you won’t be spamming anyone and you should be able to build a level of trust with your audience. As a result, you can expect to see reasonable to good conversion rates when implementing RSS feeds.

Another advantage is the convenience it offers. By using an RSS feed, you can easily keep your audience updated on any recent business news simply by posting as normal. Rather than trying to reach customers or clients through a plethora of mediums, feeds condense your content and deliver to all interested parties.

Along with this, RSS feeds are perfect for tracking the performance of your content. Due to the fact that many syndication platforms provide some sort of analytical information, you can keep track of how many people subscribe and how many unsubscribe to get a better idea of how well your content is performing. When you see that people are ignoring your content or unsubscribing, you can usually find the reasons why. This is advantageous because it should help you optimize your website or blog and prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over. Over time, you should be able to maximize your list of subscribers which can serve as a big boost for your business.

In order to get the most out of RSS feeds, there are a couple of guidelines to follow. First, you should make it easy for people to subscribe. This can be done by placing an RSS button in an easy to find location on your website. Usually, it’s ideal to place it in the header above the fold. Along with this, it’s important to provide your audience with consistently quality content. While it may take more time than mediocre content, it’s necessary for retaining subscribers and gaining new ones.

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