Using the Google +1 Button

Adding the Google +1 button to a business website provides visitors an easy way to connect with the company through this social platform. A number of entrepreneurs realize the marketing potential of Google+ in terms of social media clout. The button gives site visitors the chance to recommend a company’s products or services to their existing Google+ friends. People are more likely to trust an endorsement from a friend rather than from advertising materials, so chances of their investigating a business’s site for themselves are higher.

The Idea Behind the Google +1 Button

The developers of the Google +1 button have created this feature with personalized user experiences in mind. Google+ members who use this button on a regular basis will begin to see more search results tailored to their interests. The goal behind the Google+ button is to reduce the number of low-quality results that are not relevant to an individual user’s queries for specific information.

How the Button Works

Web searchers first need to sign into their Google accounts in order to see results tailored to their preferences and interests. The +1 appears next to each page in the results, and users can simply click it if they find the information useful. All of their Google+ friends will see the recommendation the next time they log into their accounts. If they are looking for similar material, they can click the link to the recommended site right from their Google+ accounts. This type of online link sharing carries more weight in the minds of many searchers because the recommendations come from people they know.

More Relevant Searches

The +1 adds a human element to Google searches because results come from other individuals’ recommendations rather than from an automated algorithm. Web searchers can also use the +1 button to recommend a variety of online content, such as articles, videos, blogs and even short advertisements. Website authors and bloggers can see significant rewards for good content thanks to this Google+ feature. If their posts and articles receive enough recommendations over time, their search engine rankings will improve.

Google’s +1 button has created an easy avenue for people to share their searches with their existing social networks. It allows one-click endorsements of varied online content without any extra steps. This feature allows people to recommend information, products and services that they have tried and that they think their friends will also find useful. Plenty of regular Google users are already fans of the +1 button because they prefer the endorsements from actual people in their networks.

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