FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How many search engines will my website be submitted to?
A. Your website will be submitted to the maximum number of search engines that accept submissions from our service, you can find a list of search engines here.

Q. I have had my site submitted by NeedMoreHits. Should I keep submitting my site myself, to get more traffic?
A. No. Many search engines will ban a URL all together if it has been submitted too often. We highly recommend that once you have purchased a submission package, that you stop all other submissions.

Q. I have been checking all day, and my site has not been listed in ANY search engines! What's going on?
A.Because of the amount of submissions that search engines receive each day, it can take days, weeks, or even months for your site to be listed. The best thing you can do is sit tight, and make sure that your site is maintained, and search engine ready for when the search engine finds your site for listing, and that submissions are kept up on a regular basis, but not too often.

Submitting once per month is a pretty good rule of thumb. Keep in mind also, that many search engines do NOT guarantee to list your site, so you need to keep up the submission process until your site is listed, and then keep up submissions to make sure that it stays listed. Search engines can drop a site as early as one month after it has been listed.

If you need your site to be listed sooner, you may consider a priority submission.

Sales/Order related

Q.How much does it cost to submit my website?
A.One submission to all our supported search engines costs $25.00, you can also submit the same URL for a 12 month period (one search engine submission a month for 12 months) for $150.00.

Q.I have submitted an online order form, but have not received submission confirmation details.
A. In most cases, all orders are processed by the end of the Next working day. If you have not received your confirmation within that time, please contact customer support with the details of your order. The most common reasons for delays are invalid or missing email address and/or contact details.

Q. I do not wish to use online order form. What other options do I have?
A.You can fax the filled in order form to + 61-3-9589-7951, or send it to us via mail.

Q. I do not have a Credit Card. How can I place an order?
Mail order

Fill in the order form, and mail it to us with either a Bank Cheque or a Money Order. Please note that we do not accept personal Cheques draw on a bank outside Australia.

Telegraphic Transfer

You can wire your payment directly to our account. To speed up your order, please either fax us the details of the transfer to + 61-3-9589-7951, or contact customer support.

Search engine submission questions

Q. Why submit to search engines outside the major three of Google, Yahoo and MSN?
1. Extra Traffic.

The major three search engines - Google, Yahoo and MSN serve around 86.4% of search traffic. However, all the other search engines deliver 13.6% of the total searches, which means millions and millions of searches per month. If you focus only on the major three engines, you are missing out on a large chunk of the search and as a result lots of potential customers.

2. Targeted Traffic.

Submitting to smaller or niche content search engines allow you to target specific traffic1. We all know that targeted traffic converts at much higher conversion ratios which provides greater return in your investment. So why do most companies rely on only the top 3 engines when a very large percentage of potential customers use a specific niche engine.

3. Lower Cost.

Another benefit is that niche engines offer a free inclusion or a flat rate that is much lower than the major three search engines Pay Per Click costs. Greater competition in the major three search engines have driven PPC prices to considerable amounts. Niche engines may not serve as much traffic, but they allow you to reach more people for the same amount of money.

4. Page Rank Boost.

If you are trying to optimize your Google Page Rank, many smaller search directories have decent PageRank values. Links coming from these directories will help increase your own site's PageRank.

1 Nielsen Netratings - August 2007 search share results

Q. What is search engine spam?
A. Search engine spam is defined as pages created deliberately to trick the search engine into offering inappropriate, redundant, or poor-quality search results. Examples of search engine spam are:
  • Submitting MLM sites (eg. Make money fast!!!) to inappropriate categories.
  • Submitting domains that are for sale and offer no useful content
  • Submitting keyword stuffed websites
  • Submitting a mirror site
  • Submitting a website that redirects to another site
  • Submitting a website that uses a doorway page. A doorway page is page created specifically for search engines and is optimized for specific phrases that generate large amounts of traffic. Generally these pages are totally unrelated to the site's content, hence the spam categorization.
  • Submitting machine generated web pages.
  • Submitting websites with offensive content to inappropriate categories.
  • Submitting websites that offer no content other than links to other websites.

Search engines do not add these types of websites to their index, and many engines will simply delete the submission or use algorithms to filter out such websites.

Search engine spam causes problems for legitimate website owners. Some engines review each submission manually and in these cases, the spam submissions extend the waiting time for site reviews. Engines that experience a large number of spam submissions will often implement a pay for inclusion scheme, a manual log in or registration prior to submission, or simply no longer accept any submissions at all.

Q. What will prevent a search engine from indexing a website?
A. Many search engines cannot crawl sites that use frames, or sites that are created using flash. Sites using frames should be converted to an unframed site. CSS (cascading style sheets) can be used instead of frames.

Most search engines, including Google, cannot crawl pages that use "&id=" as a parameter in the URL. Websites that use dynamic URLS for user tracking, must allow robots to crawl a website without requiring session IDs or URL parameters.

Search engines cannot read/follow JavaScript links. Replace JavaScript links with plain HTML links or place an additional section for HTML links on your website if the JavaScript links are necessary.
Most search engines do not index IP addresses - you must submit a domain name, not an IP address.
A search engine cannot index a website where the robots.txt file specifies a disallow statement for that engine.

Q. Can I submit a free hosting URL eg. Geocities?
A.Many search engines will not index sites that use free hosting URLs. eg. Geocities, Freewebs, ISP hosting etc. due to their transient nature. Examples of these URLs are:


Most engines specifically request that only top level URLs are submitted, and many request that no free hosting sites are submitted. This request is due to free hosting sites being indexed, only to become dead links when the site owner loses interest or the free hosting is terminated.

A top level URL is a URL with no subdirectories or page names specified. eg. http://www.trellian.com

To ensure that your URL can be indexed by all engines, it is suggested that you purchase your own domain name and web hosting.

Q. How do I select an appropriate category for my website?
A. The category you select is important, as it dictates which search engines will be submitted to, and the category your site will be listed under in directories. If you select an inappropriate category, your site will be submitted to engines that are inappropriate for your site. eg. submitting an Accountancy service website to the Automotive / Cars category will result in the submission being deleted, as Automotive search engines generally don't index accounting websites.

If someone is looking for a company to do accounting, they won't be looking in Automotive or Music search engines, they will be looking on business and accounting related search engines.

The categories are grouped logically. Please read the entire list before selecting a category, as there may be a more suitable category further down the list.

To select a category, you need to think what your website is mainly about. eg. A site about cars would be in the Automotive category. A website selling shopping cart software would be in the Internet / Software category. Even though the Automotive industry may be able to use the shopping cart software, the shopping cart website is not primarily car related.

If you need help selecting a category, contact support with your website's URL and we will advise you of the most suitable category for your site

Q. What type of sites can be submitted to the Personal Home Pages category ?
A. The Personal Home Pages category is for personal sites, eg sites about John Smith, John Smith's holiday photos, John Smith's family, John Smith's dog etc. This category is not for commercial / business websites.

Q.Can I submit my website to different categories?
A. 99% of engines specifically request that websites are submitted to ONE category only.

Submitting a URL to multiple categories in a directory or search engine will result in the website or your IP address being banned from the search engine.

Q. I have submitted my site, so why hasn't it been added to an engine?
A. The time taken for your site to appear varies greatly. It may be instant, or it may take several months depending on the engine.

The submission pages on most engines will give you an approximation as to how long it will take for your site to appear.

Submitting your site to an engine does not guarantee that it will be listed, some engines may ban your website if they receive multiple submissions. Some engines review all submissions manually and the administrators can add or reject your submission at their discretion without notice.

Many engines are now sending confirmation emails, that require an action to be performed in order to index the website. Failing to comply with the instructions in the email will result in the website submission being ignored.

General Support

If you have other questions that have not been answered, don't hesitate to contact us.